Our laboratory, with a ten-year experience and made up of highly specialized personnel, handcrafted and accurately and accurately any type of interior and fabric curtains for upholstery or upholstery, satisfying all the requests of our clientele operating in hospitality as also of our most demanding private clientele. The machines we use on a space of over 600 square meters in conjunction with the craftsmanship and high professionalism of our employees offer the opportunity to deal with various types of work and materials, ensuring high quality standards. 

This initiative involving nine companies, operating in the furniture sector and distinguished by the quality of the products, rigorously "made in Italy", is called Archimede Contract and dedicated to one of the greatest architects of culture and human progress. As Archimedes, with its scientific merits, confirmed the genius of its intellect, this structure wants to offer excellence in service and in the realization of "turnkey" projects.