Industry professionals such as architects and interior designers provide our showroom and our laboratory to support them in the development and implementation of their ideas. A "be to be" approach that, thanks to the direct comparison between the project and the materials, will lead to the maximum satisfaction of the final customer.

Inspection without obligation
Vision and choice of material
Price quotation
Work Execution
Assistance and maintenance
Over 200 square meters of demonstration space available to our customers and professionals where you can view some of our types of construction as well as touch our wide range of fabrics from linens and velvets up to skins suitable for any type of...
This initiative involving nine companies, operating in the furniture sector and distinguished by the quality of the products, rigorously "made in Italy", is called Archimede Contract and dedicated to one of the greatest architects of culture and human progress. As Archimedes, with its scientific merits, confirmed the genius of its intellect, this structure wants to offer excellence in service and in the realization of "turnkey" projects.